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At RAW NO CUT, we believe that boxing and hip hop culture can be used to better the community. We promote a boxing glove up, guns down mentality as an alternative to gang violence. Our brand is committed to using music as a way to give a platform to Houston's next breakout artists. We want to inspire everyone to strive for excellence both in and outside of the ring.

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Jerzey, a visionary entrepreneur, stands as the CEO and founder of Raw No Cut, an innovative entertainment and boxing brand deeply embedded in the rich tapestry of Houston's cultural landscape. Born in New Jersey, Jerzey's upbringing was an immersion in the vibrant streets pulsating with the rhythm of hip-hop culture. This early exposure not only shaped his identity but ignited an unwavering passion for the essence of the art form.

Amidst the beats and rhymes that echoed through his youth, Jerzey discovered another passion—the sweet science of boxing. His fascination with the sport's discipline, strategy, and determination became a defining aspect of his character, setting the stage for a remarkable journey ahead.

Upon establishing roots in Houston, Jerzey recognized an opportunity to intertwine the diverse threads of his experiences—hip-hop culture and the world of boxing—to create something truly unique. Thus, Raw No Cut was born—a dynamic blend of entertainment and pugilism, resonating deeply with the soul of Houston.

Jerzey's leadership has been marked by groundbreaking strides in the Houston area. Beyond merely establishing a brand, he has become a catalyst for cultural fusion, seamlessly merging the beats of hip-hop with the power punches of boxing. Through his endeavors, he has tirelessly worked to bridge divides, fostering unity within the community.

His commitment to promoting unity goes beyond the ring or the stage; it's about connecting people through shared passions, breaking down barriers, and amplifying voices that celebrate Houston's diverse cultural tapestry.

Jerzey's journey is a testament to the transformative power of blending passions, using them not just to build a brand but to build bridges between communities. His vision, dedication, and unwavering commitment to unity have solidified Raw No Cut as more than just an entertainment and boxing brand—it's a cultural movement, a testament to the beauty of fusion and collaboration.


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